Awemak ASTRA AT30 disc cultivator with tube bar roller fi600 and spring protection

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Marke : Awemak
Modell : ASTRA AT30 disc cultivator with tube bar roller fi600 and spring protection
Zustand : Neu
Jahr : 2017
Breite : 3,0 m
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Nettopreis : 4 875 €
Kommentare :
ASTRA AT30 disc cultivator
- Two rows of discs ø510mm
- Hydrolift
- Distance between rows 65cm
- Tube bar roller ø600mm
- Spring protection
- Working height adjustment of folded discs
- Side screens with working height adjustment

- Maintenance-free hubs FKL
- Lighting (LED)
- Different types and size of roller
- Transport kit
- Pneumatic or hydraulic braking system
- Breaking board between discs rows

- Written guarantee
- Certificate of conformity
- Instruction manual
And others on request

- Robust construction that impress confidence
- Full range of optional equipment
- Affordable prices
- Short lead times
- The highest quality materials
- Reliability
- Easy access to spare parts
- Cheap Transport

AWEMAK machines are delivered to several countries around the world!
Our offer is distinguished by a large amount of available equipment options.
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